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Star Spangled Israel

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

It’s Erev Independence Day USA and Israel is celebrating. Though the State of Israel is not one of the 50, the vast majority of Israelis have a strong affinity to the US. Israelis love the culture, freedom and opportunities that are All American, so it is no surprise that the Fourth of July is an event to be celebrated in the Holy Land. And the party starts tonight. Even Tel Aviv City Hall lights up with a representation of the red white and blue.

The entire country celebrates this event with great pomp and in as many distinctive ways as you can imagine. 4th of July fireworks in Tel Aviv are one of the events that happen to be remarkable. For anyone who wants to catch the beautiful fireworks in all the glory, you can book a 4th of July 2022 cruise in Tel Aviv.

Jerusalem's First Station is bringing out a classic American celebration on the Fourth of July. Pop-up shops will be serving smoked and barbequed meats, as well as a wide range of beers. A raffle will occur for the attendees, as well as Jerusalem's first-ever bull-riding competition with prizes.

Get ready for a Red, White, and Blue all American 4th of July! Plenty of Parties, Beer and Barbecues to bring out the “Murica” in you. Below are some ads for events happening in Tel Aviv.

No matter when and how you mark this milestone,


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Smoked meats should make us feel Ike home. But I prefer smoked salmon (on a Bialy please).

Dov Glazer
Dov Glazer

Happy Erev Fourth, any way you like to smoke it.

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