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Your passport needs to be valid for at least six (6) months after your journey ends.  You should  have enough blank visa pages for entry and exit stamps from each country you visit. As part of the trip registration, please upload a photo of your passport.

Holders of U.S. passports are not required to obtain a tourist visa for entry  into Israel for stays of up to 90 days. You will be issued entry and exit cards for Israel upon arrival at Ben Gurion Airport (TLV) in Tel Aviv.  Your passport will not be stamped (there will not be a permanent record in your passport book that you visited Israel). Bring a paperclip to secure these cards to your passport during the course of your journey. 



Check with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ( for the latest on required and recommended vaccines for Israel.  Visit your doctor a couple of months before  departure to allow time for any vaccinations to take effect or to fill any prescriptions. 

Be sure to pack your original COVID-19 and other vaccination certificates and required health  documentation in your personal carry-on baggage in case you are asked to show them on arrival. 


Visit the U.S. Department of State at for current information on travel advisories, country-specific  COVID-19 entry requirements and special considerations for travel. Be sure to check state COVID-19 entry requirements as they may vary.  

Visitrael will facilitate required in-country testing for travel between Israel and the US. All requirements and testing information specific to your journey will be included in Essential  Information in your Final Documents. 


We recommend travelling with some cash, and at least two different major credit cards (Visa and Mastercard), so you have backup if your card is not accepted or lost. Prior to departure, contact your bank and credit card companies to let them know where and when you’ll be travelling. 

The Israel Shekel bills should be recently minted in smaller denominations; many merchants won’t accept wrinkled or torn bills. Exchange currency at  authorized outlets such as  ATMs or hotels. Save receipts as they may  be required for exit. 


While most smartphones work overseas, you might need to turn on international roaming service  before you travel. Contact your carrier for information on coverage and voice and data plan  options.  Getting your own data plan as all the hotels will have free wifi availability for your use.

We will also create a What’sApp group (or similar service) to communicate between all group travellers..



All our hotels and some public places have Wi-Fi.  You’ll usually be able to stay connected throughout  your journey, although Internet access may be poor in remote destinations. 



You will need an adapter to recharge your electronics at your hotel. In Israel, there are three associated plug types, C, H and M. Plug type C is the plug which has two round pins, plug type H has three pins in a triangular shape and type M has three round pins. Israel operates on a 230V supply voltage and 50Hz.


Many websites and smartphone apps allow you to check the forecast and time zones for specific  destinations. Israel is 8 hours ahead of New Orleans. So when it’s lunch time here, it’s dinnertime in Tel Aviv. 


Carry your prescriptions and over-the-counter medications in their original containers in your  carry-on luggage. Pack a simple first-aid kit along with medicines for motion sickness and mild  upset stomach. 


Take care to observe safe health practices when travelling: Wash or sanitize your hands often;  avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth; and cover your mouth, with your elbow, when coughing or sneezing. If  you begin to feel unwell at any point in your journey, please inform your guide. 



Most restaurants in Israel (including those located within hotels) observe kosher dietary laws  which forbid the mixing of meat and dairy products in the same meal/restaurant. Some of these  restaurants are also closed on Friday evenings and all day Saturday in observance of Shabbat.  As a result, these factors will limit available menu and dining choices during your time in Israel. 



Be sure to bring your own face masks and any other PPE you require during travel; a supply of  masks will be on hand where needed. We recommend travel-sized hand sanitizer with at  least 60% alcohol, facial tissues and disinfecting wipes or spray. 

As of this writing, guests must wear a mask in accordance with local regulations and service provider  requirements. Details specific to your journey will be included in Essential Information in your Final Documents. All protocols are subject to change in accordance with relevant guidelines, local  regulations and conditions. 


Be sure to reconfirm your international flights 24 hours prior to your departure. 



We strongly recommend leaving valuables such as jewelry at home as Visitrael cannot be  responsible. Use safes where available to secure your valuables, especially passports, money,  jewelry, electronics and medications. Pack a photocopy of your passport’s personal information page with your luggage, and keep a photo of it on your smartphone. 


Your Visitrael local representative will meet you at Ben Gurion Airport once you have passed through Passport Control and Customs.  See  your itinerary for additional arrival instructions. 


If you are interested in shopping, your Visitrael guide may recommend local shops; however, Visitrael is  not responsible for the quality or value of merchandise. Any purchases and shipping are at your  sole discretion. 

Be sure to review your credit card receipts before signing, paying special attention to currency  conversion. We recommend taking items with you in lieu of shipping them whenever possible.  Consult the US customs authority ( for  information on what you can bring back and duty taxes. Keep receipts and items together. 


We will be posting your pics of our online trip gallery to be shared with the group and your friends and family back home. Be sure to ask permission before taking pictures of local people, including small children. 



The typical attire on Visitrael journeys is relaxed and informal during the day. Choose comfortable,  versatile clothing that can be layered to account for changes in the weather throughout the day.  Smart casual is appropriate for evenings. 


We will provide you with:

Visitrael luggage tags prior to departure. Please use these tags, even if your  bags already have ID tags. This makes it easier for Visitrael staff to find and manage your luggage  for you.

Safe Travel Essentials 

Be sure to bring personal protective equipment (PPE), including face masks, travel-sized hand  sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol, facial tissues and disinfecting wipes or spray. 


Choose versatile, casual clothing that can be layered if the weather (or level of air-conditioning)  requires. Smart casual attire is appropriate for evenings. Formal clothing is not necessary. 

Temples, mosques and other religious sites require conservative dress. Both sexes should cover  their arms, legs and shoulders (women should pack a scarf for this purpose.) Wear or carry a pair  of socks when sightseeing, since shoes must be removed when visiting certain religious sites. 

□ Casual slacks

□ Walking shorts

□ Polo shirts, casual short-sleeve shirts or blouses

□ Long sleeve shirts or blouses

□ Long comfortable skirts for women

□ Scarf large enough to cover neck and  shoulders for women

□ Sweater or lightweight jacket

□ Comfortable walking shoes with traction

□ Brimmed hat for sun protection

□ Foldable umbrella to use as sun shade

□ Sleepwear

□ Personal garments

□ Socks

□ Swimwear/cover-up


Other Recommended Items​​

□ Sunglasses

□ Sunblock / Insect repellent

□ Simple first-aid kit

□ Prescriptions and medications (in their  original bottles and/or packaging)

□ Extra eyeglasses/contact lenses 

□ Smartphone

□ Charging cables for electronics, and adapter



No worries. Your Visitrael tour includes all tipping expenses.
If you are on your own, guidelines are 10% at restaurants (check bill to make sure it was not included), Tour Guide and Bus driver $3/day/passenger.


We know that the travel experience looks different now, so we’re here to help you navigate the changes before you go. To help you arrive prepared, we’ve included a few things for you to do before your trip.

Israel Travel Insurance

It is highly recommended that you purchase cancellation insurance & supplemental medical coverage (which can cover pre-existing conditions and emergency medical evacuation) for your Travel in Israel. This is a smart way to help safeguard against life’s surprises (Most plans require that an insurance plan be purchased within 2 weeks of making your reservations).


You can purchase a plan through various membership associations such as USAAAAA or Costco. Typically, these organizations partner with a specific provider. So if you are a member of any of these associations, you may want to compare the policies offered through the organization with other policies to get the best coverage for your trip.

Below please find links to three of the most popular Travel Insurance providers. Choose the policy that works best for you.  -  only provides medical coverage - AIG  - Allianz

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