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Open Letter

Dear Friends,

The Visitrael website is dedicated to encouraging our friends to experience the joy of travel to the Holy Land. We trust you found the content and tips useful and interesting. For now, due to the anticipated, unwelcomed change in Israeli governance, further Sunday morning postings are being put on hold.

The reason for the suspension is simple: it's all about the separation of "church and state". Our Israel is a world leader in modern technology and innovation, a home for the Jewish People, and an incredible place to experience the new, the old, the ancient, and the wonders of nature. It is a land holy to Christians, Muslims and Jews. But the results of the recent elections point to a seismic shift from a freedom-loving, tolerant, democracy to a rigid, dogmatic, theocracy.

Israel is a vibrant, yet small country that has been a safe haven for the Jewish People for the past five thousand years. Yet a State for the Jewish People is different from a State ruled by the Jewish Religion. The incoming radical religious leaders and ultranationalists politicians are moving the country backwards, way back, to an archaic, parochial Dark Age. These politicians are bent on instituting Halacha Law rather than the current Civil Law, thus totally forsaking democracy for all its citizens.

Setting politics aside, visiting Israel is still an incredibly wonderful experience. Fortunately this ultra-religious, extremist, government has not yet been formed and there is hope that things will turn around. In the meantime, our weekly postings are being paused.

Your understanding is appreciated and your comments are welcomed.

Peace, Pax, سلام, שָׁלוֹם


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