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Is It Safe?

Driver looses control and airborne car lands in the attic.

Last week, while folks were relaxing at home in Zachary, Louisiana a car landed on the roof of their house. Unexpected stuff can happen. In this case neither the elderly driver nor the young home residents were seriously injured. This begs the question, if you are not safe sitting in your own home, where is it absolutely safe. When asked if it's safe to travel to the Holy Land, the response is an emphatic yes! Yet stuff can happen anywhere, any time.

The intense international scrutiny of the geopolitical situation in Gaza and the West Bank has inadvertently painted Israel as an overtly dangerous place. However, as anyone who actually visited Israel will attest, the majority of Israel is safe to visit, experience and explore.

The statistics bear this out. The website Numbeo ranks countries in its safety index. Overall Israel is safer than the US. The United States was ranked 86, while Israel was ranked much safer at 33 out of 142 countries

Like in any city in the US, there are parts of town that are unsafe. When traveling, simply avoid areas that are know to be unsafe, and enjoy the vast majority of the country. Tel Aviv is much safer than most cities it's size, but watch out for damn pickpockets.

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