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Tel Aviv The MicroMobility City

The City of Tel Aviv is building micromobility infrastructure to deal with congested city roadways. What is micromobility? According to Wikipedia, “Micromobility refers to a range of small, lightweight vehicles operating at speeds typically below 25 km/h (15 mph) and driven by users personally. Micromobility devices include bicycles, e-bikes, electric kick scooters, electric skateboards, shared bicycle fleets, and electric pedal assisted bicycles (pedelec)”

High tech has changed the face of Tel Aviv — literally. Sidewalks are marked with parking spaces for electric scooters, and there are bike racks galore. Battery-powered two-wheelers vie for space along the boardwalk of Tel Aviv's famed beaches and filter through traffic on the city's often-congested streets.

The City is on track to create a car-free, pollution-free metropolis. Currently, Tel Aviv ranks as one of the top cities for the number of micromobility riders in the world, outstripping bigger cities like New York and London. Popularity is boosted by the city’s mild dry climate, the city is relatively flat, the fact that there is no public transport on the Jewish Sabbath from Friday sundown to Saturday night, and the city’s willingness to improve micromobility infrastructure.

According to Mayor Huldai “Tel Aviv-Yafo is inverting the transportation pyramid — prioritizing walking, cycling and public transportation over the private car.”

In Tel Aviv a car is not only unnecessary, it's a burden. Parking is very difficult, and the city is cursed with arcane driving regulations. Getting around by car is an expensive hassle. Besides the huge traffic jams, closed streets and a variety of parking regulations, gasoline is really expensive at around US$8/gallon. Besides Biking or Scooting, you can get around the city by Walking, by Bus, by Taxi, by Train.

For cities like Tel Aviv, the private car, with a single passenger, is no longer a viable, sustainable means of personal transportation. To be kind to the environment, MicroMobility is the solution.

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1 commentaire

Great article! Have not heard of this before.. and i like the term Micro-Mobility: I ride a onewheel board and it is a game changer. great to see cities prioritizing this type of transport philosophy.

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