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Dov's hometown of Haifa seems to lack the respects it deserves. The common saying is that the best thing about Haifa is the road to Tel Aviv. As for visitors to the City, the main, and usually the only, attraction is the Bahai Gardens.

Be assured that there is a lot more to the City of The Carmel than the active seaport, cruise terminal, and beaches Besides the Technion Institute of Technology (home of 3 Nobel Prize Laureates), Haifa University, many high tech multinationals offices (e.g. Google, Microsoft, Apple, Intel), 14 Museum, “Rakavlit”, the new 2.7 mile aerial tramway cable car system that runs from the shore to the Universities on top of Mount Carmel, Haifa has an advanced high speed ground transportation system, the Metronit.

The Metronit is a unique Bus Rapid Transport (BRT) network using electric articulated buses in Haifa. The network has designated lanes, facilitating punctuality, and long and wide high-capacity buses, providing the advantages of a light rail network without the high cost.

To power the 50 electric buses, an advanced energy storage and management system, along with the photovoltaic system, sits on top the roofs of the bus depot. The electric buses are charged in the parking lot of the Metronit, from either the clean electric energy source, or the power grid.

The system gives the electric buses greater energy independence since it allows energy to be stored during hours when the cost of power is low, and for the buses to be charged with dedicated chargers, as needed. The system incorporates a management and control system to coordinate electricity demand and the available energy sources.

As the saying goes, "Jerusalem Prays, Tel Aviv Plays and Haifa Works." With all due respect, it's no wonder that Haifa's public transit system will work as the model for electric transportation of the future around the world.

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