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Visitrael's raison d'etre is for individuals to have the experience of a lifetime in visiting Israel. To that end, we lead two tours a year, in the spring and the fall, with a relaxed, yet comprehensive itinerary. The 7 to 14 day itinerary is customizable to meet the needs and interests of the group limited to 20 people. .

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Visitrael's Mission and Vision:

The goal of the Visitrael tours is to provide a unique and joyful opportunity for intergenerational trips to Israel, seeking to understand the complex socio-political situation while enjoying the rich culture and traditions that the country has to offer.  We will spend our days celebrating Israel - enjoying food, art, music and dance and connecting to nature - from the Salt Sea to Rosh Hanikra. We will also hold space for conversations that may arise between young adults and their parents seeking to understand the dynamics of healing ancestral trauma as it relates to the creation of the modern state of Israel. We will explore the conflict between current Israeli political policies and the Jewish mission of Tikkun Olam. We will meet with local Israelis and Arabs who are working towards peace and justice, highlighting what brings us together as peoples. Visitrael's prime objective is to facilitate a positive, meaningful, joyous, once in a lifetime experience in the land of creation.  

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"What a memorable experience! 

Our trip was absolutely perfect! Private guides, hotel, itinerary, were all top notch! The trip of a lifetime."


We had the time of our life. Went with Dov on a private tour.  Leisurely pace, with an in depth experience of the Holy Land. With so much more to see and experience, can not wait till we are back again next year. 


Ellen and I have been to Israel several times, on tours and by ourselves. Your program far exceeded all our other trips.And we are committed to be on another visitrael trip. This trip not only satisfied our intellectual needs but we  FELT the trip.

The sites visited touched our hearts, we had a better understanding of our heritage, and in some ways lived our history.

Many thanks , again, see you on the next trip.


The absolute trip of a lifetime! The best way to experience Israel.  From the private guided tours to the beautiful accommodations to the daily itinerary, every detail was taken care of with perfection. Beautiful beaches, relaxing spas, historical sites and not to mention the most delicious food- I can’t wait to go back!


Our leader, Suzy, was cheerful and fun, while taking great care of all of us. She helped our group get to know each other and helped us all learn about the land and its people. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience and would definitely do it again.

Ron Lepow

The tour lead by Suzy Lazarus was informative, and made traveling far from home easy.  Due to their dedication, most of my questions and concerns were taken care of before I could even ask!  Under their direction, our group of 20 came together and shared learning about the country in a way that enriched the experience for all.  I want Suzy Lazarus to lead me through all future that possible?

Pam Levi

Suzy as a leader made the trip truly seamless, with the insight and patience of a seasoned traveler!

S. Rubinstein

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Design your own, personally customized, itinerary.

Our team is ready to help create the perfect private tour for you. 

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We love talking about Israel, and we can’t wait to hear about your trip ideas and questions . 

Visitreal is passionate about helping groups and individuals visit Israel.

From all cultural, political, and historical perspectives, no country on earth is as interesting and fascinating as Israel.

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With Visitrael co-founders' guidance, you will explore Israel with a tailor-made itinerary.
Your tour package includes:

Customized Group Itinerary

Modern & Historical Sites

Luxury Coach Buses for Groups

Breakfast & Dinners

Entrance Fees

Licensed Tour Guides

Cultural Experiences

…and much more!

Sacred ground to Abrahamic religions, Israel is home to a dazzling diversity of influences and historic sites commingled across a modern state. And while contemporary life offers all manner of distractions, the remnants of the ancient world still captivate travelers eager to walk where history happened and continues to be made by the day.  


Visitrael's raison d'etre is for individuals to have the experience of a lifetime in visiting Israel. To that end, we work with established tour operators in Israel and the USA to best meet your needs.

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