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Speak My Language

When traveling abroad, it’s always beneficial to speak the language of the land. Fortunately, in Israel, most everyone speaks English, so you can get around easily. To get to the next level of friendship and impress those you encounter, speaking Hebrew or Arabic (official languages of the State of Israel) goes a very long way.

You could immerse yourself in learning Hebrew by spending six months at an urban or kibbutz Ulpan, or take some online classes, such as Citizen Cafe TLV.

If you are just visiting for a week or two and want to connect with the locals on their own turf, Google Translate is the very best tool for your smartphone. This incredible app can be downloaded on your desktop, yet for best results when traveling, download the app on your Android or iPhone.

In three easy steps you’ll be able to hold simple conversations in Hebrew or Arabic:

  1. Download Google Translate from the AppStore or GooglePlay

  2. Once the App is opened, download “English” and “Hebrew” (and/or “Arabic”) just in case you don’t have an internet connection while traveling

  3. On the main Google Translate screen, in the lower center, click on “Conversation”

The program will automatically detect which of the two languages are being spoken and the banter can begin. It's like having your very own personal interpreter in the palm of your hand.

Of course, this is the tip of the functionality iceberg of Google Translate. You can use the app to save phrases you would like to memorize, or apply the application to the 99 other available languages.

If you need assistance in using the app, feel free to contact us on the Visitrael’s WhatsApp function. The chat is at the bottom left of each Visitrael webpage.

Now you can take the next step to let your worldwide friends know you speak their language.

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