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Altneu Rules for Air Travel

The pandemic has created some new personal rules for travel in the friendly sky, while some of the old rules still apply. Here are a few Travel Rules for your consideration:

1. Always book a non-stop flight and avoid a connecting flight if possible. While direct flights may be more expensive, the probability of missing connections is ever increasing these days. There are direct flights from these airports to Tel Aviv:

Newark (EWR) - United

Chicago (ORD) - United

Washington, DC (IAD) - United

San Francisco (SFO) - United

New York (JFK) - Delta, American, ElAl

Miami (MIA) - ElAl, American

Atlanta (ATL) - Delta

Toronto (YYZ) - Air Canada

Flying from New Orleans (MSY)? Since you need a connecting flight at one of the above cities, an alternative is British Airways from New Orleans to London to Tel Aviv.

2. Pack light and use a carry-on when possible. Pack your phone, headset, passport, and other essentials, such as medication, toothbrush, dental floss, in your carry-on, along with some emergency supplies. While hoping for the best, be prepared for the worst. Buy toiletries at your destination and leave them behind when departing.

3. Prior to your departure take photos of all vital document’s (passports, licenses, insurance cards, credit cards) and email them to yourself so that on the off chance anything goes missing you still have access to them online. Also, download your Airline App and your Bank App.

4. On your flight, respect the people around you:

If you intend to recline your seat during the flight, prior to sitting down, it’s a common courtesy to ask the person, on whose space you will be encroaching, if they do not mind if you recline. In my experience, this gesture is always greeted with a positive response.

When getting up from your seat, instead of leaning on the seat in front of you, lean on your own seat

If you are lucky enough to be in the middle seat, you are entitled to both armrests.

When deplaning, stay in your seat until the rows in front of you are moving. Avoid standing in the aisle unless you have a tight connection. Be sure to let the flight attendant know of your situation, and an announcement will be made for other passengers to let through.

5. During the flight, move and stretch our feet, ankles, and legs. On a flight of over an hour, walk to the back of the plane, and do your stretching exercises. Keep your circulation going.

6 Be kind to yourself, fellow travelers and airline/airport personnel. While being rude, loud, and cursing may be satisfying when things take an unexpected wrong turn, being polite and putting on a sincere smile works better for me in stress-filled situations. Yes, and be sure to breathe.

If you have other tips to share with our readers, please send them to Thanks!

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