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NetFlix Flix that cast their Net on Israel

Within the last three decades Israel has developed a flourishing film industry, with movies competing in international film festivals and winning numerous awards. In Israel, a country of just nine million people, there are ten film schools and seven international film festivals. In this post you will find a sampling of Israel related full featured flix that are available on NetFlix… all worth viewing

This well-written and well-researched production is historic cinema at its finest. Narrated by George Clooney the flick is a look back on the life of Shimon Peres. This Nobel Peace Prize laureate, two-time Prime Minister and ninth President of the State of Israel, who negotiated the 1994 Israel-Jordan peace treaty, and was instrumental in the founding and preservation of Israel. Among the topics President Peres discussed in depth were the period in which he helped to build Israel's military and nuclear program; the Six Day and Yom Kippur wars; the role he played in 1976 organizing Israel’s heroic rescue of hostages in Entebbe; and his many hours focused on the Oslo Peace Accords. Peres also reflected on his legacy, on his belief that Israel's advances in technology and science will ultimately bring peace to the Middle East and why his optimism never wavered. Beyond Peres’ story, this is a brief chronicle of Israel's growth and development. Well worth watching!

True story of Ashraf Marwan, who was President Nasser's son-in-law, special adviser and confidant to his successor Anwar Sadat, and simultaneously Israeli Intelligence's most precious asset of the 20th century. As a double agent, Marwan helped achieve peace between two countries. He is the only man to be recognized as a national hero in both Israel and Egypt. Based on bestselling book 'The Angel: The Egyptian Spy Who Saved Israel' by Uri Bar-Joseph, is a riveting drama and thriller movie.

This 2021 Israeli film includes a reenactment of the battle and subsequent loss of Kibbutz Nitzanim during Israel’s War of Independence. It is based on real events. The narration is from the viewpoint of a young Egyptian journalist, Hassanein, who accompanies an Egyptian volunteer fighting force heading to aid the Palestinian Arabs. His task is to create a propaganda film to capture an "image of victory" of the Egyptian Army.

An entertaining comedy drama. After surviving a bomb attack, two low-level mobsters in Jerusalem transform from their thug roles into living guardian angels. The two go on a journey of making wishes come true for people who write requests on paper and put them between the sacred stones of the Wailing Wall. Maktub is a phrase that in Arabic means "It Is Written." It is used in the context of fate that has already been written.

A 2019 spy thriller film in which Israeli Mossad agents run a covert operation using a base at the once-abandoned holiday resort on the Sudanese Red Sea coast. The objective is to rescue Ethiopian-Jewish refugees and bring them to safe haven by smuggling them all the way to the safety of Israel. The film is loosely based on the events of Israel's Operation Moses and Operation Joshua in 1984-1985,

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Plus, I am told that "Mossad 101" the series from 2015 is on Netflix.

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