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Breaking the Fast - Israel Style

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

Another great pleasures of being a traveling guest in Israel is the incredible breakfast that is served at hotels and restaurants. The Israeli break-fast is a distinctive style for the grand meal of the day. I happen to be a big fan of breaking the fast in the morning with a feast.

The Israeli break-fast feast is essentially a dairy meal (no meat). The huge buffet spread usually includes a variety of cheeses, smoked and pickled fish (e.g. sardines, salmon, herring), egg dishes (e.g. Shakshuka), a variety of salads, hummus, tahina, yogurts, fresh vegetables, fresh and dried fruits, breads, pastries and beverages (coffee, tea and juices).

My personal eating lifestyle is “Intermittent Feasting”. I enjoy one hearty meal a day, hydrate throughout the day, and fast for 22 hours/day. Should I feel a pang of hunger, I suck on a cinnamon hard candy (rarely more than three per day, 23 calories per mint).

But, there are two downsides to gormandizing just once a day in the morning. First, delicious and nutritious signature Israeli street food, such as Falafel in a Pita, is not part of the breakfast meal. Second, and most importantly, mealtime is an important socializing event, usually practiced at lunch or dinner. So when I plan to break bread with friends and/or family, the solution is to skip breakfast, suck on an occasional cinnamon mint, and postpone breaking the fast till noon or early evening.

If you need to know more about "Intermittent Feasting", or Travel to Israel, feel free to drop me a line at I love chatting about food, health and travel.

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